About Us

The Dream: 

Pedisa Spa Center is a dream come true, where a young couple of new generation entrepreneurship, decides in 2008 to consolidate their knowledge and experience founding a place where everything is set to the relaxing and wellness of the community.


Today, by the help of a team of professionals in health and beauty, and through cooperation, diligence and positive attitude, we feed our goal: To offer our guests a unique experience of relaxing that increase their physical and mental wellness and thus makes them to increase their productivity and performance in daily life.

To get all of these, we based our work on 5 main values:

- Quality: Our knowledge and experience in ​​health and beauty and our constant technological innovation are what allow us to offer a service that meets the needs of our clients.

- Respect: A policy of respect between our employees and from employees to customers, is what creates a harmonious, relaxing atmosphere that continuously improves.

- Honesty: We think it is essential to not give our customer false expectations. For that reason, our advertisement always showcases real results of our work and descriptions that do not overstate our reach.


- Confidentiality: Professional ethic is our priority. The services we offer each client are confidential. 

- Responsibility: We know that the way we operate our business has a great impact in our community. The trust of our customers depends on how we fulfill our customer needs. Therefore, we are strictly committed to our schedules and obligations as a Spa.


To offer a complete relaxing, health and beauty service to our all ages guests in Bonaire, that increase their physical and mental wellness


We want to keep our recognition in the Dutch Caribbean as an organization at the forefront of technology of service, with excellent and professional employees who satisfy all visitors needs.

Our History